Some areas are very tempting for pickpockets, so you should be especially careful when you are in the following places:

  • Outdoor activities and shows
  • Public markets
  • Waiting lines
  • Traffic lights
  • Escalators
  • Rush hour in public transit
  • Food courts
  • Major public parking lots

With a little vigilance, you can use the public transit system to take full advantage of activities in Montréal, without having anyone rob you…of your fun.


Prevention tips

  • Always carry your purse or backpack close to your body and in front
  • Make sure all of the pockets on your bag are completely closed
  • Never leave your personal effects on the bench next to you; you could fall asleep and it would be easy to snatch them
  • Keep your money in a hard-to-reach place, separate from your credit cards
  • Prepare your money in advance before you get on the bus or enter the subway, so you can avoid opening your purse or wallet in public
  • Carry only the documents you need with you (for example, if you won’t be driving, don’t bring your driver’s licence)
  • If you are robbed, contact your financial institution immediately to report the theft of your cards; then ask a Police Officer to write up a report so you will not be subject to more fraud 
  • Be especially careful with your valuables (MP3 player, iPod, cell phone, etc.)
  • Don't use your iPod in places where you might be vulnerable. Just seeing the earphones can encourage thieves to act.
  • Listening to loud music can prevent you from sensing danger. Keep the volume low enough that you can hear what is going on around you.
  • Engrave your iPod with a driver's licence number, so we can trace it back to you more easily
  • Report the theft. It is important for us to have as much information as possible about the suspect(s), including a physical description and the direction they ran.
  • If you are travelling alone, choose a car where there are already several people
  • When you leave the station, use well-lit streets; avoid alleys
  • If you are a woman, use the STM’s Between Stops service
  • In a crowd, pay attention when someone is standing very close to you or when you are jostled