Noise By-Laws

The noise by-laws are not the same in every borough and every related municipality, because they each have their own specific circumstances. To avoid possible problems, we encourage you to find the current by-laws for your neighbourhood by contacting your borough office. If need be, a municipal inspector will be able to help you.

Depending on the type of noise nuisance, the enforcement of the by-law is the responsibility of the police or the borough and fines may be awarded to offenders.

Despite differences between boroughs, we can give you some general information about the noise by-law to help you determine whether to call the police in various situations.

Whether to call the police in various situations.

A ticket can be issued by a Police Officer who hears a noise prohibited under the noise by-law. In some cases, measurements have to be taken by a specialist.

What is a prohibited noise?

The exact definition of prohibited noise changes from borough to borough and among the related municipalities, but in general it is defined as follows:

  • Noise produced by sound equipment, whether it is inside a building or installed or used outside
  • Noise produced by a siren or other alarm device, except in accordance with a permit issued for that purpose or except in case of need
  • Noise resulting from cries, clamours, singing, altercations or cursing and any other form of uproar
  • Any other noise prohibited by the by-law

Find out more

Please go to the following pages to find the noise and nuisance by-laws in effect in your borough or related municipality, or contact your borough office directly, because specific rules apply in every borough.

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