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Netiquette on SPVM social media

Netiquette is all etiquette rules governing Internet users' behaviours, particularly during discussions on social media or via email. It is based on values such as tolerance, respect for others, listening and politeness.1

Our social media platforms are a place for discussion and exchange favoring interactivity among individuals. The SPVM reserves the right to remove any comments that do not respect this policy.


In order to ensure a courteous climate, we reserve the right to remove any post deemed to be inappropriate or that includes the following:

  • Discriminatory, defamatory, harassing, threatening or violent comments.
  • Heinous, racist, religious, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist or disgraceful comments.
  • Attacks, personal insults or invasions of privacy.
  • Personal and confidential information.
  • Repeatedly published content.
  • Any form of propaganda, spam, or advertising or promotional solicitation.
  • Vulgar, obscene or malicious language.
  • Irrelevant content or comment that has nothing to do with the topic of a publication.
  • Excessive use of uppercases (equivalent to shouting).
  • Promotion or discredit of a company, a product, a political party, its representatives, or the authorities of the Ville de Montréal.


The SPVM may amend the conditions of its social media content management policy without notice.


The SPVM is not responsible for links, comments and opinions posted by users. Furthermore, it is not responsible for the content appearing on sites recommending the SPVM's website or social media.

SPVM social media are governed by its Division des communications.

Please note that we cannot always update and monitor our accounts in real time.


We want to reiterate the fact that we will not process any request pertaining to a personal record or specific incident. If you have a need of this nature, please contact the appropriate service


1. Definition from the OQLF