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Move-Over Law

The objective of the “move-over” manoeuvre iss to increase the safety of the workers intervening near a vehicle stopped on a public highway, as well as anyone in the area. For these people, the risk of being hit by a vehicle is a reality.

You must carry out the “move-over” manoeuvre when an emergency vehicle, tow truck or a surveillance vehicle is stopped on the road, with  its yellow arrow light signal flashing, or rotating or flashing lights on.

Drivers must always slow down and—whenever possible—change lanes, or at the very least get as close to the centre line of the road as possible. According to the Highway Safety Code (HSC), drivers are allowed to cross a solid line for this purpose. If necessary, they can stop so as not to jeopardize people's lives or safety.

Drivers who fail to comply with this measure, in accordance with section 406.1 of the HSC, will be fined $200 (+ applicable fees) and 4 demerit points.

Complying with this measure can help prevent injuries or even death!

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