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Intimidation for extortion

Maybe you are one of the people who feel that intimidation to extort isn't such a big deal. Don't fool yourself! This is the same as robbery with the threat of extortion or bullying. It is violent robbery. The threats can be verbal or non-verbal (gestures or looks).

The Criminal Code provides for legal consequences for intimidation on robbery and extortion.

What to do?

What should I do if I am being intimidated for extortion?

Victims are often afraid to report their aggressors and sometimes think their aggressors will never let them go, but the police know that most of the time, once the law is in the picture, the aggressors stop.

So you should really report the situation to your parents and even file a complaint with the SPVM.

Why? Because if you don't report the situation:

  • The intimidator is more likely to approach you again or turn on another victim
  • The intimidator is more likely to be more violent the next time and demand larger and larger amounts

What should I do if I see someone being intimidated for extortion?

Even though you are not an adult yet, you still have civic responsibilities. If you witness this, report it.

This form of intimidation is a crime and there are serious consequences for this type of infraction.

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