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Internet - tips for kids

The internet is a great, big virtual world, where millions of people from around the planet can communicate with each other and where you can find information about almost anything.

You can look up your favourite TV shows or your favourite hobbies. You can play games online or contact people you haven't seen for a long time.

It is an incredible goldmine of information, but it also has a negative side. By following a few simple rules, you can make sure you're completely safe when you're surfing the 'net.

For example, did you know that you shouldn't reveal any personal information online.

Personal information you shouldn't reveal online:

  • Age
  • First or last name
  • Address or phone number
  • Neighbourhood or school
  • Email address
  • Photo

Are you careful online?

Here are a few tips you should NEVER forget:

  • Use a nickname that doesn't tell anything about you (no year of birth or age).
  • Always ask your parents for permission before giving out personal information.
  • Never go in person to meet someone you only know online, unless you have your parents'permission.
  • Never open email or files from people you don't know.
  • Respect the privacy and feelings of others. Use respectful language on the internet
  • You might read or see things online that make you feel angry, sad or uncomfortable. Talk to your parents about it! For example, you might be exposed to insulting or aggressive messages, shocking pictures or photos, or nosy questions from a stranger.
  • Choose a hard password, change it regularly and keep it a secret, even from your best friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend.