Hit and Run

As a driver or owner of a vehicle involved in a collision, you must accept these responsibilities:

  • Remain on the scene of the accident or return there immediately after
  • Call for required assistance for any person who is injured
  • Provide all necessary information the peace officer or person who has suffered damage
  • Call for a peace officer if a person is injured
  • Contact without delay  the police station closest to the scene if the accident involves an unoccupied vehicle or a fixed object whose owner cannot be reached, in order to provide the necessary information

Not following these rules is a violation liable for a fine of between $200 to $600 depending on the case, plus 9 demerit points on your driving record.


Criminal charges

The driver may also be criminally charged if he or she leaves the scene of an accident and hides the following facts:

  • Driving without a licence during a sanction or a prohibition
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle.
  • Being inebriated on alcohol or drugs

Caused serious injuries or death

Submit a claim with the SAAQ

Submit a claim with the SAAQ

If your vehicle or goods were damaged during an accident with another road vehicle, and it is impossible to find out the identity of the owner or driver of the other vehicle that caused the collision, you can file a claim with the SAAQ, provided certain conditions are met.

Conditions and eligibility - SAAQ