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Graduation Prom

Graduation prom: Rent a limo for your party, without having to walk back!

Renting a limousine to celebrate prom night and the end of school has become a ritual for many graduating students. Here are a few tips to avoid nasty surprises in the limousine,  on the evening when the party is in full swing.   

Make sure that:

  1. the company renting you the limousine has the required permits; ask for the permit number issued by Commission des transports du Québec (CTQ)
  2. the vehicle is in fact a limousine; ask for a vehicle with a plate starting with TS, which means "specialized transportation" 
  3. your group does not exceed 8 people in the limousine; the driver is not included in this 8-person calculation  
  4. no one is consuming alcohol in the limousine: this is not allowed

During your outing in the limousine, if one of these conditions is not respected, inspectors from the Bureau du taxi et du remorquage (BTR) may have the vehicle stopped and seized. You will then have to continue on your trip.... on foot! 

Another tip: when reserving the limousine, only pay for the deposit and pay the total amount at the end of the evening. Ask for an invoice or a receipt. 

For further information or to file a complaint about the company where you rented your limousine, go to the site Bureau du taxi et du remorquage for the Ville de Montréal and complete the form, (in French only) Formulaire de plainte pour le taxi.

Zero alcohol

It is not allowed for anyone aged 21 or younger with a driver's licence, learner's licence or probationary licence to drive after drinking alcohol. In the event of an infraction:

  • Your licence will be suspended for 90 days
  • 4 demerit points will be applied to your driving record
  • You will have to pay a fine ranging from $300- $600 (plus costs)

Advice for graduating students

  • Do not leave your drink unattended
  • When you leave with someone, you should come back with them
  • Have a designated driver, or preferably, have someone drive you
  • Have your cell phone with you and call a parent or call 911 if needed
  • Keep an eye on your friends and vice-versa
  • If you need to go anywhere, don't go alone Always have someone with you
  • Do not get into a car with anyone who has been drinking alcohol
  • Do not drink alcohol if you are responsible for the safety of other people
  • Anyone who has consumed alcohol must not drive
  • For people aged 21 or under, there is zero tolerance for drinking and driving
  • As with alcohol, driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs is not allowed

Advice for parents

As a parent, the graduation prom is an opportunity to get your son or daughter to think about their expectations, perception, what their close friends think, about planned activities and the related obligations. Talk with your children about how the evening will unfold. Find out about their expectations for the evening and what this evening means for them.

  • Where will be party and post-party take place?
  • How will they get there?
  • Will there be adults present?
  • Do they have a way to contact you?
  • Will they sleep over? How will they come back?