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Erotic massage parlours

It has been demonstrated that victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation can be found in various locations, including erotic massage parlours. The proliferation of such parlours throughout Île de Montréal is a cause for concern among institutional and community workers, as well as residents. The SPVM will intervene in the following cases:

  • there is a chance that minors are involved;
  • there is reason to believe that human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation is involved;
  • organized crime is involved; or
  • the parlour is in a residential or school neighbourhood.

Our interventions focus mainly on the tenants and operators.


What can you do?

If you witness or are a victim of sexual exploitation in an establishment

Do not hesitate to report the situation to your police department or to Info-crimes Montréal (anonymously).

If you are disturbed by the frequent comings and goings in an establishment

You can complain to municipal or borough representatives to ensure that the by-laws are enforced.