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Cultural communities

The cultural communities in Montréal are numerous and diverse. Every immigrant community has to rise to the challenge of adapting the cultural wealth of its own values and customs to the realities of its adoptive country.

The SPVM strives to serve all of the citizens in its territory, and it is sensitive to the particular situation of the members of Montréal’s cultural communities. The organization wants to meet the specific needs of these groups as they would any other citizen.

To succeed with this aspect of their mission, Police Officers need to know and understand the various communities in order to develop the trust needed to establish mutual cooperation. To this end, a variety of bridge-building activities are held with the various cultural communities, such as:

  • Information sessions offered in the Carrefours d’intégration for newcomers
  • Sporting, cultural and community activities to bring together Police Officers and cultural communities
  • Police sponsorship programs for youth from cultural communities
  • Police internships offered to certain members of cultural communities
  • Intercultural initiation session for Police Officers
  • Theatre sports with people new to the country
  • Community consultation process 

Montreal's Cultural Communities - Video Capsules

Managed by the Comité directeur sur le profilage racial et illicite, the development of an Intercultural Understanding Action Plan offers a series of activities to improve the relationship between the SPVM and members of various communities to establish a bond of trust between them.

One of these activities is the production of video capsules intended for SPVM personnel and the public. These capsules are developed and authorized by Police personnel in partnership with the communities involved and specialized experts.

Three types of video capsules were created: a series on the various cultural communities; a series on religious communities; and a series on the abilities and duties of Police Officers and Police interventions. For the SPVM, being able to understand, even just a little, the beliefs and customs of people from other cultures makes it possible for Police Officers to better understand them and this facilitate their interventions.

It is important that citizens in general, in particular cultural communities, remain informed about their rights and responsibilities. It is also essential that newcomers are well-informed about the legal and judicial resources available, as well as the work that Police Officers do.