Child seats

The Highway Safety Code requires that any child who is less than 145 cm tall or under 9 years of age must be properly installed in a car seat. It is not their age, but their size in a seated position (from seat to top of head) that determines the need for a car seat.

In a taxi or police vehicle not equipped with an adapted restraint system, the child must wear the safety belt, except if they are small and must be held by an adult.

Installing the car seat

Installing the car seat

It is important to always read the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer before using a restraint system for the first time.

The centre of the back bench of the vehicle is generally considered to be the best place to install a car seat, as it offers maximum shock protection in the event of a collision.

Permanent provincial verification network

For residents wishing to have their child car seat checked, they can consult, free or for a small fee, a registered garage in the list of Réseau members.

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Transport Canada has established standards in order to ensure conformity among children's restraint systems. Each seat sold inCanadamust have a label specifying that the manufacturer has conformed to these standards.

Also, TransportCanadarecommends to not use any child seat that has been manufactured more than 10 years ago.

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