Cheque fraud

Cheque fraud is when someone writes or alters a cheque with the intention of gaining an illicit benefit or cheating someone.

For example:

  • Purposely using an NSF cheque or a counterfeit certified cheque
  • Passing off a stolen cheque with a forged signature
  • Modifying the amount of a cheque

What to do?

If you are the victim of fraud:

Prevention tips

  • Verify the identity of people you do business with: ask for a photo ID, a personalized cheque, etc.
  • Make sure the cheque has not been modified
  • Compare the signature on the cheque with the signature on another piece of ID
  • Take note of the physical description of the customer on their driver's licence: it should match the customer's appearance
  • Phone the customer's home or office to find out whether they're there
  • Be careful of certified cheques: check their authenticity with your bank branch
  • In case of loss or theft, immediately contact your financial institution to cancel all your cheques

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