COP 15

COP 15: A Major International Event in Montréal

COP 15 is a global convention taking place in Montreal from December 7 to 19. This is the 15th Convention on Biological Diversity that will gather some 195 signatory countries.

This is a historic event for our organization because of its scope. It should be noted that many dignitaries from all those countries, accompanied by over 12,000 delegates, will arrive in the city at this time.

Although the RCMP is responsible for providing security leadership, primarily with respect to dignitaries, the SPVM will be responsible for perimeter security, and that of the surrounding sites, and for maintaining public order in the city.

The presence of officers from multiple police forces will make it possible for the SPVM to maintain its ability to respond to calls and to ensure peace and public safety on the city's streets.

Similarly, this strong police presence will help maintain a high level of security around the sites where COP 15 will take place.


Why in Montréal?

Preparations for COP 15 began in China in the fall of 2021, but the pandemic required the work to be put on hold. It was then decided that work would continue in Montréal in 2022, where the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity is located.

Planning and managing security in Montréal is a daunting challenge in many ways. This is why the RCMP and the SPVM will also be able to count on the collaboration and support of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and several other police organizations.

Mandate, role and responsibilities

The mission of the Integrated Security Unit (ISU) partners is to ensure the security of the general public and of dignitaries attending COP 15 in Montréal. The ISU is a central coordinating body for the planning, mobilization and demobilization of security measures for COP 15. The security and planning surrounding such events are very complex, and the collaboration of various law enforcement partners is essential for their effectiveness and for meeting their mandates.

A significant number of police officers and civilian employees from the RCMP, the SQ and the SPVM will be mobilized for the event in downtown Montreal, so as to ensure protection of the various state and government delegates, as well as of the public.

SPVM Preparations

We are supporting the RCMP during this event. So we work in concert with the RCMP, while drawing on our own experience with large events (2012 student movement: 700 demonstrations; G7 in 2018; our annual police services, etc.).

Aware of the participation of officers from various police organizations, we make sure, for example, that everyone works from the same basic understanding in terms of crowd management and control, in order to have a better network once in the field.

We are also in direct contact with other municipal services:

  • SIM
  • STM
  • Service de la mobilité urbaine  
  • Service des infrastructures
  • Urgences-santé

Service aux citoyens

Montréal-Service aux citoyens (call response app)

Despite the large deployment of police officers for COP 15, the public can be assured that call response, crime control, peace and public safety will be maintained throughout the region.

Security Perimeter

Security perimeter - safety of merchants and residents in the area

Having the area residents, merchants and workers feel a sense of security is one of our top priorities. That is why everything will be done to ensure everyone's peace of mind and the smooth running of the Conference.

For the duration of COP 15, the interior of the Palais des congrès will be designated as a "blue zone" and security will be provided by the UN.

A security perimeter surrounding the Palais des congrès has been established and will be under the responsibility of the Integrated Security Unit (ISU) for the duration of the event.

From December 1 to 20, only credentialled persons will be able to enter the security perimeter to participate in the COP 15 activities taking place at the Palais des congrès.

To ensure the flow of traffic in the downtown area, several measures are planned. Police presence will be increased during the installation and removal of barriers and for the duration of COP 15. Message boards for motorists will be installed in advance of impeded arteries to indicate changing detour routes.

Obstacles and Road Traffic

  • One traffic lane obstructed by the barrier on each of the streets surrounding the Palais des congrès:
    • Avenue Viger between Saint-Urbain and Jean-Paul-Riopelle (southbound lane);
    • Rue Saint-Antoine between Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle and Saint-Urbain (northbound lane);
    • Rue Saint-Urbain between Saint-Antoine and Viger (westbound lane). Traffic maintained in both directions.
  • Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle completely closed with no local traffic.
  • Rue Chenneville, Rue De La Gauchetière (Chenneville to Côté) and Rue Côté are accessible to local traffic.
  • The direction of Rue De La Gauchetière between De Bleury and Jeanne-Mance is reversed to allow access to temporary drop-offs.

As of December 1, the Palais des congrès parking lot will be reserved for authorized persons only.



A high security barrier has been erected around the Palais des congrès.

It should be noted that the team responsible for coordinating the activity sites, in collaboration with the borough of Ville-Marie and the Mobility Squad, will ensure increased surveillance of the streets in the area before and during the event to ensure that they are free of any unplanned and unnecessary obstructions.

Note that local traffic will be allowed and access to businesses and buildings will be maintained.

IConsult the Mobility Montréal site to learn more about traffic restrictions in Montréal or download the mobile app.

Urban Mobility

Police officers will be stationed at identified strategic locations to facilitate:

  • Traffic flow around the meeting sites;
  • The transportation and movement of downtown workers to offices and businesses as the holiday season approaches.

Traffic delays will be communicated through the travel management apps.

The City of Montréal's Centre de gestion de la mobilité urbaine will inform traffic reporters of any changes on an ongoing basis.

Public Transit

STM schedules and routes will be changed. Some bus routes in the area will have detours.

  • Closure of the Place-d’Armes metro station  

The Place-d’Armes metro station will be closed from December 1 to December 20.

Metro trains will run between Champ-de-Mars and Square-Victoria-OACI without stopping at Place-d’Armes, in both directions.

  • Questions from the public: 311

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