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BEI - Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes

BEI has the status of a specialized police force

Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes conducts an investigation in any case where a person other than a police officer on duty dies, is seriously injured, or is injured by a firearm used by a police officer during a police intervention or while being detained by a police force. BEI intervenes to shed light on the event. This marks the launch of an independent investigation.

BEI also investigates any allegations against a police officer concerning a criminal offense of a sexual nature committed in the performance of duties and investigates all criminal allegations against a police officer in all cases where the victim or the complainant is a member of the First Nations or the Inuit Nation.

If the minister so requests, BEI may conduct any other investigation of allegations relating to a criminal offence committed by a police officer or special constable and, in exceptional cases, may be tasked with investigating any other event involving a peace officer that is related to his or her duty.

At no time may BEI investigate the conduct of a police officer who is guilty of professional misconduct under the Code of Ethics of Québec Police Officers. The Commissaire à la déontologie policière receives and examines complaints involving police officers.

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BEI - Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes