The AMBER Alert is a warning system that quickly alerts the public of abducted children who are in imminent danger. Participation of the public is essential to the success of AMBER Alert.


These 3 criteria must be met, simultaneously and with no exceptions, before the police will issue an AMBER Alert:

  1. The police have reason to believe that the missing child (someone under 18 years of age) has been abducted
  2. The police have reason to believe that the physical safety or the life of the child is in serious danger
  3. The police have information that may help locate the child, the suspect and/or the suspect's vehicle 


If all 3 criteria are met, the SPVM or one of our police partners may issue an AMBER Alert.

  • All Québec Ministry of transport message boards simultaneously broadcast the police messages. Société d'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) road traffic controllers also help with the search.
  • Television and radio stations broadcast a description of the child, the abductor and/or the abductor's car. The alert asks the listening and viewing audience to contact 911 immediately if they have any information that could lead to the child or the suspect.
    • On the radio, the information is broadcast every 20 minutes for two hours or less if the child is found.
    • On the television, the information is broadcast on a ticker tape at the bottom of the screen for two hours with no interruptions. After this, the ticker tape is withdrawn, but the police continue to inform the public through the usual means of communication.

What to do?

If you spot someone or something that may fit the description of an AMBER Alert:

1. Gather as many details as possible: 

  • Spot someone or something that may fit the description of an AMBER Alert, try to gather as many details as possible this may include:
  • Your specific location when you spotted the abducted child
  • Suspect or suspect’s vehicle
  • Time
  • Direction they were going
  • Any other identifying information

2. Call 911.

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The AMBER Alert is able to function thanks to the cooperation of the following organizations:

Wireless AMBER Alerts