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Record suspension

The mission of the SPVM’s Information Division is to identify, document, evaluate, interpret and relay threats to public safety from the criminal activities of individuals and groups.

This division is able to provide police record checks and has established partnerships with external organizations for the purpose of issuing police clearances (certificates of good conduct).


  • Find out about all the steps to be followed. Please note that the SPVM will only process Montréal resident requests.
  • Fill out the form included in the National Parole Board’s "Record Suspension Application" Guide before contacting the SPVM to obtain a police record check.

Steps to be followed

Record Suspension Application

Here is the procedure to obtain a “local police record check” from the SPVM, necessary within your record suspension application approach.

  1. Get the available Record Suspension Application Guide from the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) :
    • Call the following number: 1-800-874-2652;
    • Online at www.recordsuspension.gc.ca;
    • At the Parole Office, located at Complexe Guy Favreau, 200 René-Lévesque Blvd. West, room 203;
    • At a firm of your choice. These firms also provide coaching to prepare your record suspension application.
  1. For fingerprints, go to a firm of your choice. They will be sent to the RCMP for analysis and a report will be sent to you. Upon receipt of the report only, please follow Step 3.
  1. Complete and sign the first page of the « Local police record check » form (available in the GUIDE).
    • IMPORTANT : You must require a local police record check from your neighbourhood police department, as well as from those located in any neighbourhood where you have resided in the past five years. To do so, use as many photocopies of the “Local police record check” form as necessary (each copy of the form must bear the same sequential number on the upper right corner, as this number is your NPB’s file number).
  1. Attach to the form a photocopy of the RCMP report and a certified cheque, a postal money order or a bank money order in the amount of $70, payable to “VILLE DE MONTRÉAL” (no cash payment will be accepted).
  1. Send the « Local police record check » form and your payment to the following address : 

SPVM Division du renseignement
10351, rue Sherbrooke Est, local RCC-14
Montréal-Est (Québec)  H1B 1B3

Or go to a local police station and hand in your documents for forwarding to the proper recipient.

NOTE : Expect a delay of approximately six weeks before the Division du renseignement mails your ”local police record check” form duly complete.

  1. Continue with the next steps applicable, as specified in the National Parole Board’s guide.