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Radio Frequency Identity Theft

Using a smartphone 

A variety of identify theft techniques exist to commit fraud. Some fraudsters now use radio frequencies to steal personal information without the victims' knowledge. Using a smartphone equipped with a mobile app, the fraudster can read the chips on your credit and debit cards.

To prevent this specific form of crime, we recommend that you obtain cases that protect your transaction cards against the frequencies transmitted by these undesirable readers. You can find them on the Internet.

What to do?

If you are the victim of fraud:

  • Immediately alert the issuing institution and cancel your credit and debit cards
  • Contact the police or go to your neighbourhood police station
  • Contact the national credit reporting agencies and ask them to watch your credit report, in case a fraudster tries to use your identity
    • Equifax Canada: 1 800 465-7166
    • TransUnion: 1 877 713-3393
    • Experian Northern Credit Bureau: 1 819 762-4351

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