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In a large city like Montréal, there are many mental health-related issues that can take many forms: sometimes this can be a very short episode, related to a particular situation, an existing condition that is under control, or that suddenly becomes a problem. We also need to look at the street, with its vulnerable homeless people who are also affected.

These individuals are often victims of prejudice: mental distress can then lead to their social exclusion. This is why it is important to ensure that the population has quality mental health interventions.

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+ Psychosocial Emergency - ESUP

Strategic mental health action plan

The strategic mental health plan demonstrates the innovative possibilities put forward by the SPVM. On one hand it allows – within the structure of its mandate – to better respond to the needs of individuals with mental issues, their families and the overall population.

On the other hand, this plan consolidates the relationship of the SPVM with partners who have a key role in the framework of this issue.

L'intervention policière auprès des personnes mentalement perturbées ou en crise (in French only)

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