Having no fixed address means having to overcome many difficulties in daily life. However, there are many stakeholders who provide support and, in particular, help homeless people to break the circle of isolation in the Montréal area. A number of organizations provide support, help and assistance services.

Homelessness is a phenomenon that is part of all major urban centres. Montréal is not exempt from this reality. This is particularly seen in the downtown area, which concentrates and attracts people who are in a vulnerable situation.

As part of their work, Montréal Police Officers are called to deal with a variety of social issues, including homelessness. The SPVM receives more than 10,000 calls per year regarding the homeless.

A dedicated team

Équipe mobile de référence et d’intervention en itinérance (EMRII)

The EMRII is a team comprised of healthcare personnel from CSSS Jeanne-Mance and police officers from the SPVM. The team carries out local work to reach homeless people or those at risk of becoming homeless who are often involved in police interventions and refer them to the appropriate services in order to promote their reintegration.

Homelessness in the metro

Metro stations are also a roof for individuals in situation of homelessness in the metropolis. These individuals, isolated most of the time, are often dealing with extreme poverty, substance use or mental health issues that lead them in some cases to commit incivilities. The role of the metro homeless police intervention team is to reduce incivilities and ensure these individuals could access medical care and help when needed.

Advice to metro users 

As it is not always easy to predict the reactions of an individual that could go through a crisis period, it is not recommended to get directly involved with this individual, even if you consider that his/her behaviour is not acceptable. 

If you see someone in the middle of his/her own crisis or committing an incivility, do not hesitate to dial 911 to report the event. If the event do not involve any danger, you can also tell the changer or an inspector of the metro.

In the event of an emergency, you are better off using the phones of the metro platform under “Assistance». In addition, the microphone inside de metro cars will allow all passengers to hear your call. 

Helpful resources

Don't Isolate Yourself! - Community Assistance Directory 

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