The mission of the Section recherche et planification (SRP) is to support and guide the SPVM’s strategic choices. Specifically, the SRP develops and disseminates knowledge about urban security related to both social and policing issues. To this end, the SRP recruits from among the top university graduates in criminology, sociology and demographics. 

The SRP’s responsibilities are essentially as follows:

  • To perform or guide evaluations, research and planning, and to analyze statistical, physical, social, economic and other components that could affect the SPVM’s concerns and orientations, and to then provide advice and recommendations based on the preceding
  • To oversee the key urban security issues that concern the SPVM, its units and its members, since strategic planning specifically revolves around such issues
  • To provide professional opinions to the different SPVM units, and to support and assist them in order to improve policing
  • To develop and maintain a network of external partners that can help the SRP develop its knowledge

Reading the environment: a starting point in strategic planning

The SPVM’s priorities are determined based on a reading of the environment.

This process produces information that is grouped under nine headings: the demographic and economic context, an overview of the residents of Montréal, governance, crime and victimization, the safety of special needs populations, the use of urban space, transportation safety, crowd control and crisis situations, and the organizational and budgetary environment.

This exercise helps plan the distribution and allocation of duties among the different SPVM units, as well as among the interested partners, a sequential intervention procedure and the choice of different intervention tactics.

Research reports (in french)

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