Going out with my friends, leaving with my friends

There is always a risk of criminal occurrences in and around licensed establishments. Young women in particular are vulnerable to sexual assault. This project focuses on clients between 18 and 24 years of age. Some of the victims are assaulted while under the influence of intoxicants consumed either voluntarily or involuntarily.

This prevention campaign addresses GHB (a rape drug), but also covers alcohol, which is more frequently an issue and a risk when consumed in excess. If a person drinks too much, his or her friends should stay close and keep potential predators away, since that person is at higher risk of being sexually assaulted.

The project involves meeting with establishment owners and their employees to make them aware of the impact of excessive consumption, and to keep an eye on the potential victims or suspects in their locale. Posters about the project are also distributed to increase awareness among patrons at participating licensed establishments. The meetings with the owners and employees generally take about an hour.

Interested owners of licensed establishments who have not been contacted by the SPVM and would like to take part in the project can contact the community officer at their neighbourhood police station. 

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