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School crossing guards

Children crossing at intersections on the Island, on their way to and from school, can rely on protection from school crossing guards from the SPVM. The SPVM has 521 permanent school crossing guards and approximately 180 surplus guards (on call), who are men and women with an average age of 61, who ensure the safety of school crossings in the area.

School crossing guards monitor school children crossing intersections to ensure their safety and prevent traffic accidents. They are at their posts three times during the day when school children travel between school and their home, namely: in the morning on their way to school, at lunchtime and at the end of the day when they are going back home.

Under the responsibility of the commander of their work area's local police station, crossing guards:

  • Accompany the children to prevent traffic accidents
  • Stop vehicular traffic using their portable stop sign in places where there are no traffic lights, as required
  • Advise children about respecting safety regulations
  • Pay particular attention to people loitering around school yards
  • Immediately call 911 when a child is injured and takes care of the child until the arrival of patrol officers or an ambulance

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