Police officer selection process

1.      Background check/taking fingerprints

Once you are eligible, you must meet the requirements set out in the Québec Police Act.

  • you have no criminal record
  • you have not committed any wrongdoing

2.      Recruiting evaluation centre (CER)

The evaluation centre allows us to get to know you better and determine whether your profile matches the one sought for the role. The evaluation is approximately two hours long and includes two steps (at different moments):

First step: 

  • Situational judgement test
Second step:
  • Interview
  • Role-play

The skills being assessed are:

  • Interpersonal communications (team work and self-affirmation)
  • Analytical spirit
  • Client-orientation
  • Engagement and sense of responsibilities

3.      Psychometric evaluation

The purpose of this step is to evaluate aspects of your personality that are critical to the job of a police officer. These personality traits are assessed using a psychometric evaluation designed specifically for the public security field.

4.     Security and integrity evaluation

You will be subject to a security accreditation, which aims to check whether you meet the security and integrity criteria of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM). More specifically, it helps us determine whether you adopt irreproachable behaviours in your personal, professional and social life. In this respect, you must agree to a criminal, penal and financial background check, as well as a check of your driving record and any other police or relevant information about you. You must be honest and transparent.

5.      Medical evaluation

This is an in-depth evaluation performed by a specialized firm. This evaluation includes:

  • A physical
  • Blood tests
  • Eye exam (with and without correction)
  • Audiogram
  • Drug screening

Attention: You must now meet the following vision standard: 20/40 better eye, corrected to 20/20; 20/100 other eye, corrected to 20/20 or 20/60 in both eyes, monocular measurements, corrected to 20/20.

6.       Language evaluation

Administered by TELUQ, this evaluation aims to assess your knowledge of spoken English (functional level).

Note: An evaluation of spoken and written French may be performed for candidates whose native language is not French.

7.      Global analysis

The overall review is the final step in the selection process. It involves a complete review of your file. A final hiring recommendation is then made. 

Please note:

Driving test

The SPVM reserves the right to administer a driving test depending on the experience and the driving record of the candidate. With a focus on safely driving a patrol vehicle, this evaluation is done in a city environment and involves concepts of preventive patrol and emergency driving.

Standardized Physical Abilities Test (SPAT)

This test was designed to evaluate the physical aptitudes specific to police work.

Note that the PAT-ENPQ is this accepted for the moment.

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