Emergency call dispatchers

When a member of the public from theMontréalIslandcalls 911, the call goes to the SPVM Operational Communications Centre (CCO). 

Dispatchers have a key role in the emergency services organization for theMontréalIsland. They are the front line for calls from the public since each 911 call made is received by a dispatcher.

In 2017, emergency call dispatchers handled 1,351,898 calls, including 423,226 intended for police services. The Operational Communications Centre operates 24 hours/day, every day of the year.

For 911 calls, the dispatcher's role is to identify the nature of the event, right from the start of the first questions to the person calling in. The call dispatcher then transfers the call to the appropriate organization – Montréal Fire Department (SIM), Urgences-Santé, STM, SQ, Coast Guard, Québec Ministry of Transport (MTQ), Énergir, Port of Montréal, Montréal Public Works or Hydro-Québec. When a call is intended for a police service, the call dispatcher conducts a full analysis, then transfers the call to the police dispatcher, who communicates information on the call to the mobile work stations (PTM) in police vehicles and over the radio.

Calls are categorized based on their level of priority and location of the event.

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