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01 february 2018

We are pleased to present to you Les nouvelles du PDQ 1 for the month of February 2018. This monthly newsletter is tailored to the citizens, partners and elected officials of the 5 municipalities served by Station 1, with whom we wish to share information regarding your priorities.

Presently, in different sectors of the island of Montreal and also Quebec city, at least one suspect is using private house sale advertisements as a method of targeting senior citizens who are trying to sell their homes. The suspect(s) then heads over to the home of the vendors and shows an interest in buying the residence. The suspect(s) then gains the trust of the vendors and then offers them chocolate. However these chocolates contain a substance that renders the victims unconscious. When the victims wake up, they realize that they had been robbed.

Already three event of this nature have occurred on the island of Montreal. We invite you to consult the internet link below * to get more information. We would also like to offer some prevention tips, targeting our senior population whom are trying to sell their home and potentially face this kind of situation.

Prevention Tips

  • Before allowing someone in to your home, under the pretext of buying it, ask the person(s) questions that may make them less inclined to answer (Name, Phone number, actual place of residence, employment, etc.)
  • Never allow somebody to visit your home without an appointment, especially if you are alone. When the appointment is made, tell somebody about the details (time and date, etc.)
  • Stay vigilant during the visit, paying attention to the actions of the visitors.
  • Never accept any gift, food or drink from the potential buyers.
  • Make sure that you have easy access to a telephone, to be able to call 9-1-1, in case the visitors refuse to leave or in case of a need for assistance.
  • Never get into a conflict and cooperate with the suspect(s).
  • Try to remember as many details as possible about the suspect(s) and call 9-1-1 as soon as possible.

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