Codes of conduct when approaching a school bus

04 march 2010

Recently, in the Park Extension neighbourhood, we have received complaints regarding dangerous driving practices in proximity to schools: The illegal passing of school buses that are letting off or picking up students.

Here are the rules to follow when a driver sees a school bus:

When the amber lights on the school bus start flashing, you should prepare to stop. This pre-stop signal is a recently introduced safety measure. School bus drivers must now signal in advance their intention to stop.

The purpose of such a warning signal is to prepare oncoming traffic to slow down and to prevent vehicles behind a school bus from braking or accelerating suddenly.

Two steps to remember:

1. Prepare to stop

When a school bus's four amber warning lights or hazard warning lights are flashing.

2. Bring your vehicle to a complete stop at least 5 metres away from a school bus

When its red lights are flashing AND its stop sign is unfolded.

Police will pay special attention to this issue in this neighbourhood.

Reminder to deliquent drivers:

Passing a school bus when its RED lights are flashing is an offence that is liable to a penalty of 9 demerit points entered on your driving record and a $200 fine plus court costs of $74. TOTAL: $274

Motorists are not required to stop if a school bus is approaching on a roadway that is separated by a median.

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